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Nature Designed, Chef Prepared


I am a chef by trade, and have worked in Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Hong Kong and on an International cruise ship. I am a dog lover by choice and crazy about our dogs! 

During my 18 year culinary career I have had to stay informed on all foods and nutrition.   When I married my wife she too shared my passion for nutrition and love for dogs.  We adopted a 4 year old boxer that was in bad shape.  We spent many months researching the necessary quantities of the macro and micro nutrients for dogs. We started making Mira's food from scratch and observing her every action and reaction. 

We knew that raw food was the best for her, so we went through many trials and errors to come up with Artisan Raw. After several months of changes to the combinations, visits to our vet to analyse what was lacking and Mira's own input - or output, if you like, we arrived at what we believe is a great product.

I mentioned this to a friend with two dogs and he was experiencing some issues with his raw product. He asked if he could have some of my mix, and was hooked! One coworker had a dog with constant ear infections and asked to try some. His dog was healed in five days and has been fine ever since. The word started spreading and Artisan Raw was born. 

Canadian Owned and Operated


Artisan Raw has been around since 2009 and started in Canmore Alberta. 

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Being a family owned business we feel an obligation to provide a complete nutritious meal for your dog and an education on why raw is best for you.  We invite you to join our family of dog lovers and try Artisan Raw!

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