How much do I feed?

Feeding Guide Per Day

Adults... 2 - 3 % of body weight
Puppies... 5 - 10 % of body weight

Easy Feed Guide

Start with one puck per 10 lbs of dog per day and scale back according to activity level

Please note these are guidelines. Activity will increase or decrease your dogs food consumption. Always consult your veterinarian for pregnant and nursing dogs


Bone grows bone!

We do have a few breeders that use our food so it has been tested on many puppies. Most agree that it is best to start this food between 4 and 6 months old. This is breed and breeder dependant. Prior to this they usually feed just raw meaty bones or for easy measurement ground chicken meaty bones. Once the pup get to a certain age and stage they integrate our full meals in gradually. This is done as the puppies need a higher content of calcium to grow their young bones. 

For your ease we offer Artisan Raw puppy starter of ground meaty chicken bones. 

By looking at young wolves growing up we are actually observing our young pup's ancestors. If we couple that with modern scientific discoveries about diet, health, and aging, we are able to produce a realistic, health-promoting, evolutionary puppy diet. From studying the eating habits of wolf cubs which are seen to be perpetually hungry, subsisting on raw food consisting mostly of bones and being forced to scavenge a wide variety of foods, we get vital clues about successful puppy raising.

  • The bulk of a puppy's diet should consist of raw meaty bones
  • All or most of the rest of their food should also be raw
  • Puppies should always be kept a little hungry
  • They should never grow at their maximum growth rate
  • They should be kept slim, lean and hard. Not roly-poly, fat, young puppies
  • Puppies should learn to eat everything

I suggest transitioning from all bones to some offals when the poop starts to get too hard, white, and crumbly.